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Cloud Cost Authorized Users Data Storage
Additional Storage
Can be Purchased
Additional Users Can
Join the Application
Free Cloud Free Up to 50 Authorized Users and 100 MBs of Storage
Basic Cloud $39 Up to 3 10 Mbs $ 19 /Month for 20 Mbs $14 per User;
beginning with number 4
Action Cloud $129 Up to 7 100 Mbs $ 19 /Month for 20 Mbs $14 per User;
beginning with number 8
Business Cloud $329 Up to 25 500 Mbs $ 19 /Month for 20 Mbs $14 per User;
beginning with number 26
ProService In this option, the DataWeb Professional Services Team will build your Cloud Application and the fees will be comprised of an upfront Development Fee; and our Monthly Subscription Fees. Often times Fees are based upon a combination of a reduced Development Fee and an adjusted Subscription Fee. More Information
Public Facing Cloud DataWeb currently hosts several public facing eCommerce and Content Sites that do not readily lend themselves to a pricing model that is based solely on the number of Authorized Users or amount of data stored. In these instances the parties will simply negotiate a reasonable fee based upon the anticipated usage and number of “page views or transactions” in any given month. More Information
Mobile Cloud DataWeb has extended the reach of many of customers applications to a variety of mobile devices; primarily smart phones of all types, including Android, Windows phones, iPhones and BlackBerrys. More Information
Pricing Note: Additional storage at $9/Month per each account

How do I pay for my Dataweb Application?
You can pay for your monthly subscription with a credit card by clicking here.
Can I pay without using a credit card?
You can contact our Business Management Department to make other payment arrangements.
How does DataWeb’s "free" account work?
Free accounts are for business people and users who wish to learn about our great tools and to develop fully functional prototypes.
We will contact you soon after you sign up and offer any assistance, information and services to help you get started. Subsequent quarterly contacts are to help us assess what features or services we may develop or provide. (It's also your opportunity to cancel your professional account.)
Is this a long-term commitment? Can we pay a year in advance?
DataWeb is a pay-as-you-go service; although we do offer a 12 month for the price of 11 option. Please contact for arrangements. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.
What happens to the data in my application if I choose to cancel?
Your application and your data will be hosted at a commercial quality data center. Your data will be routinely backed up during the time you are a customer of DataWeb. If you choose to cancel DataWeb will keep your data for 30 days after termination. We encourage you to use the features within the DataWeb Designer to transfer your data to servers outside of DataWeb if you choose to leave. DataWeb professional staff will be available to assist in this transfer of data for industry standard rates and fees.
Can I change plans at any time?
Yes you may. We have 2 ways to make this happen — and both are really easy.
The first way is to simply make the request to Please include the name of your url; and the email address of the application Administrator.
The second way happens automatically: DataWeb routinely audits each application for the quantity of data, users and monthly pages rendered. After these audits, we will ensure that you are in the appropriate service category.
Feel free to contact if you have questions.
What types of payment do you accept? Can you invoice us?
Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We will be happy to issue an invoice to your company for this service; simply make the request to Just include the location of your application, and the contact details for the owner.
Where can we review your terms of service and privacy policies?
Here are our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.
Any other questions before you sign up?
Simply send us an email to if you have any other questions. And don’t forget to use the support materials on the site including the Tutorial and the Support Forum.
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