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Build Your Own Web Business
The DataWeb Platform is a highly versatile development environment. It’s quite common to build simple data base applications in less than an hour; complete with an easy-to-navigate user interface and integrated security model. More complex applications that require a web services integration and involve a number of tables, custom built forms, and reports- can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. Over-all, a business person of just moderate technical skills will be able to realize a savings approaching 30% over traditional methods of application development. With DataWeb- It's Easy!

A More Efficient Way to Build Business Applications

With the DataWeb Platform it becomes possible to begin working almost immediately on a Prototype of your application. This allows developers to see their application taking shape very early in the development cycle and gives users the opportunity to make adjustments and add features based upon actually using the early stages of their application. Often times the development process moves from Idea….to Prototype almost immediately, with just the most basic of Application Descriptions. This is best described as an Iterative Process that produces better results, more quickly. The end result is applications that reflect required business processes at a fraction of the cost.
All manner of SaaS Application have been built in this manner; including simple workgroup applications that require a strict user name and password to access (offered as a basic feature of the DataWeb Platform) custom built ecommerce sites and full service industry portals that serve many thousands of end user customers. Sometimes these applications require a user name and password to access and many times they are fully accessible as a public facing web site. Most of the time they are a combination, which contain some content that is public facing, while at the same time reserving some content only for selected members. The key to each of our deployments has been the requirement of a custom application where the owner sees a need to add features throughout the useful life of the application. With that type of profile, DataWeb can’t be beat.

Public Facing Applications

An example of a public facing site that serves an entire metropolitan community is the site. This application was built in about six weeks; working part time by an individual who had very little development experience. Instead, this person relied completely on the support materials we have at and the Training Videos also located on site. This site is maintained entirely by staff at the Pierce County Sports Commission.

E Commerce Site

An example of a highly customized ecommerce site would be the application at This site was built by local developers and supports a very successful seafood purchase and delivery company. Their business model is very unique and has benefited from routine “tuning and refinement”. The application serves as the primary point of contact with all of their customers is the vehicle that manages all of the order placement, tracking and fulfillment.

True-Multi-Tenant Application for Specific Industry Sectors

An example of a revenue producing site that has been built in a full multi-tenant model can be found at This site serves a growing community of businesses in the Translation and Interpretation Industries. The application itself manages the business relationship between independent contractors (called Freelancers) and the Agencies that place them in jobs. You will find a complete detailed demonstration of the application on the AgencTRAK Home Page. DataWeb has deployed several new releases of this application in the Multi-Tenant Model.

Industry/Enterprise Intranets and Extranets

DataWeb developers have built and deployed a number of Enterprise Extranets and Intranets. A good written description of our most commonly deployed Extranet can be found at This application is designed to be used by workgroups ranging in size from just a few who might be located in a single location; to as many as 800 spread across the globe. Document sharing (including version control) forms the core function of the DocuSpot Portal. This product is available to be deployed immediately for a moderate basic charge.

Integration with Microsoft Excel for Real Time Reporting

Excel provides a great medium for managing data once it is delivered. But using Excel by itself makes it difficult for organizations to collect and update data in real-time.

Several DataWeb developers have built custom applications that integrate with Microsoft’s Excel. These applications have been built for a group of enterprise customers who use Excel as their primary reporting and performance tracking software. The key driver in each of these applications is a desire by the customer to upgrade their performance reporting with two basic features.

First, the client wants to simplify the entire reporting procedure. Many times managers have to consult several different Excel spreadsheets on a weekly basis; and consolidate those spreadsheets into a single reporting tool. This process is both time consuming and prone to mistakes in data entry. The second motivation to integrate DataWeb into their performance reporting protocol is the desire to have their management reports be based upon the most current information possible. Customers find the ability of DataWeb to be the vehicle that delivers performance information gathered in real-time a significant benefit. Further, the entire reporting procedure is simplified and made more accurate by using DataWeb as the front end reporting software. You will find a Step-by-Step Guide for building your own DataWeb/Excel integration at A case study fully describing the business drivers for building out a Real Time Reporting Application using DataWeb can be found at Excel DataWeb Case Study

Moving Microsoft Access Tables and Data to the Web

DataWeb has a number of features that allow it to solve business problems quickly. The learning curve is not steep and is well supported with training materials and video lessons all of which can be found at One of those features is the unique ability of the Platform to upload both Tables and Data from an application built in Microsoft Access to the web in a matter of minutes. Additional work in the DataWeb Platform is necessary to bring up the Forms and Reports to your new web based application; but the relationships between the tables is maintained and you also have the ability to edit records in each table as well as enter new data into each table. You also have the immediate benefit of the Integrated Security Model that comes standard with all DataWeb applications. We invite you to view the video lesson located at to learn how easy it is to move a Microsoft Access Tables and Data to the web.


DataWeb remains the most efficient path to building, deploying, and managing SaaS Applications. We invite you to join the growing DataWeb business community that has chosen DataWeb to as their development platform of choice.

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