delivered as a service
Accelerate Cloud Data Base Development and Management

Easy-to-Use Cloud Data Base Builder
Tech Savvy Business People and build Cloud Databases with little training. Spend a few minutes with our Video Tutorials

No Obligation, No upfront fees
First 30 days are free. Simply pay for what you use. Web databases can be built and deployed easily by following directions.

No Plug-ins, No downloads
Delivered in a pure SAAS Model. Web databases are built quickly and can be put to use immediately. Accessible through a standard web browser.

In the cloud
With DataWeb, your business can operate in 'the cloud'. Now your data can be viewed and updated online. Whether it's a Microsoft Access Database, or an Excel spreadsheet, with DataWeb-It's Easy!

Rock Solid Security and Permission
Application administrators can maintain complete control over their web database. Data is professional backed-up and managed.

Bring DataWeb In-House
The DataWeb Platform is a mature, proven development evnironment that can be used for all manner of SaaS Applications. Our ideal developer is what we call a "Tech Savvy Business Person", which means an individual who understands the particular business problem they are trying to solve....and also brings enough development skills to successfully build an application in Microsoft Access or Excel.
We have found that many of these applications support the work being accomplished by specific teams within a larger enterprise. Sometimes these groups are managing a specific business process and other times they are assigned to temporary project that may take just a few months to complete. In all cases however, the ability to both collect and share data over the web supports the important work of these groups. Furthermore, the group itself can build these applications themselves; and do not add to the current workload of the in-house technical staff.
With this profile; these groups will be able to build out a powerful; full featured web application using the DataWeb Platform. Many times; these applications can be built and deployed in a matter of hours.
By bringing the DataWeb Platform in-house; IT Departments will empower their own workteams; across the enterprise to build any number of web based applications... and still keep all of the data generated from these activities on their own managed servers. Many CIO's find this to be valuable.
Feel free to contact us today for system requirements and pricing:
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