DataWeb is Powerful Online Service that Business People use to create custom Cloud Data Base Applications quickly.
Video Tutorials
Building An Integrated Excel/DataWeb Solution
Extend the reach of Microsoft Excel into the Cloud. Use DataWeb to collect information easily; Excel Web Queries for beautiful, real time reporting.
Learning Resources
Online Tutorial
This tutorial will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating a simple web application.
User Guide
Creating an online application is easy and fast using the DataWeb Builder. This documentation can be used by clicking links in the navigation on the left or by going sequentially using the link(s) in the documentation text. The first step you will want to learn about is Creating an Application.
Create an Application
A Dataweb web application is a dynamic web site built on the DataWeb Platform. It can include data-bound views for organizing and displaying data, template and image files for rounding out your application, and script to add custom behavior to your pages.
Work with your App
The DataWeb Designer provides the tools you need to manage your web application, create, import, and design files, add and delete members, establish security, and more.
Support Guide
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