DataWeb is Powerful Online Service that Business People use to create custom Cloud Data Base Applications quickly.

Feature Highlights

DataWeb Builder
The DataWeb Platform is a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) that developers use to build and manage DataWeb applications.
Drag and drop design
Move columns and other objects by simply dragging and dropping inside the Builder.
Pull-down Menus
The DataWeb Builder features convenient drop-down menus, giving you easy access to all major functionality.
Template pages
Display your DataWeb views in template pages, which provide a navigation menu and a set of styles to unify your application. A single template can contain multiple regions that can be displayed or hidden in multiple views.
Multiple design modes
Use the data table designer to build and modify data tables, add data events, and preview data. Use the view designer to create and modify pages in a graphical editor. The source editor provides: Statement completion, automatic syntax checking, and indenting.
Universal Import
Instantly create applications by importing existing content. Create data tables by importing Access database, Excel spreadsheet, and CSV (Comma-separated values) files. DataWeb also supports FTP, allowing you to import existing graphics and HTML files.
DataWeb Data Engine
The DataWeb Platform provides all the services of a web server, database server, and application server integrated in a secure, scalable hosting environment.
Totals and Aggregates
Calculate totals for a field -- sum, average, minimum, maximum, or count -- by simply setting a property on a page. The aggregation functions enable record grouping into related categories.
Data Types
The DataWeb Engine supports common database data types, including new web types like HTML, File Attachment, and URL.
Integrated Security
DataWeb's built in, role-based security model is simple enough for beginning users to protect their web applications, and sophisticated enough for developers to build complex, secure web applications.
Auto Joins and Relationships
Create joins and relationships without writing any SQL. DataWeb’s data to web integration automatically creates the database functionality behind your pages.
Intelligent Caching
The DataWeb data layer caches common query results and invalidates cached results as updates occur, improving performance and scalability.
Programmability and Extensibility
DataWeb includes a JavaScript-based programmability and extensibility model, giving developers total freedom to build customized applications.
HotBlock Components and Modules
HotBlock Modules are reusable modules that add functionality to an application quickly, or extend the capabilities of the DataWeb Builder. Developers can build their own modules, or download them from the DataWeb Application Gallery.
Web Services
The HTTP client objects offer programmatic access to the data returned by a request to any web server. These objects make it possible to share data between a DataWeb web application and any other web site or web service.
DataWeb object model
The DataWeb object model includes standard JavaScript objects, data access objects similar to JDBC, and a variety of custom DataWeb objects for creating custom application logic.
Data events
Developers can write script that runs in response to actions on a table, including insert, update, and delete actions.
Server-side scripting
DataWeb’s JavaScript implementation lets developers create business logic to drive an application, generate custom pages based on user requests, or programmatically manipulate data tables.
Management and Deployment
DataWeb eliminates management and deployment hassles, leaving developers free to focus on the value-added portions of their applications.
Multi-version support
Developers can choose when to upgrade each of their applications to the new version of DataWeb. Our patented multi-version technology allows multiple versions of the DataWeb software to run on a single installation.
Scalability on demand
DataWeb supports clustering with multiple web-servers running identical copies of the DataWeb software. Each server can service requests for any DataWeb application and additional web and database servers can be added at any time to handle additional load.
Zero-footprint installation
DataWeb is a completely server-hosted solution, with no client installation. All DataWeb software, and all finished applications, run on a central server, eliminating the hassles of client software installation.

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