With DataWeb, you can turn spreadsheets into web-based applications in minutes!

DataWeb allows you - the business person - to quickly import your spreadsheets and present it in a collaborative and interactive web page. Simply cut and paste and you are done, DataWeb handles the rest. A few more clicks and your new website can be shared securely to limit access to columns and rows. Easily control both who can see the data and who can add or change the data. Add calculations, formatting, sorting and filtering by selecting options right in your web browser. All of this is accomplished in a couple of minutes and with no programming! Simply invite your colleagues to join your secure website and start collaborating! DataWeb is a hosted solution meaning there is nothing to download or install - your data is secure on our systems and can be easily exported back into excel or other systems. DataWeb is compatible with all major web browsers and firewalls.

DataWeb eliminates many common problems with spreadsheets:


DataWeb Online Business Solutions

There is only one file, only one person can change it at a time.
Who has it open? Where all changes recorded?
Securely on the web, DataWeb applications can be simultaneously accessed by Tens, Hundreds or even Thousands of users.
Multiple different versions of the same file.
Which one is accurate? Are any accurate?
One version that is always accurate and up to date. No need to email large files or wait for someone else to distribute their version of the file.
No accountability for changes.
Who changed what? When? Why?
DataWeb records all changes and a detailed audit trail is available.
Limited access controls.
Multi-level security includes groups and roles. Control data access, pages available and capabilities for
Multi-level security includes groups and roles. Control data access, pages available and capabilities for all users.
Proprietary software needed to open and edit files. Any modern web browser will do. Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Import your existing data into a relational database

Beyond putting spreadsheet data on the web, DataWeb can link multiple spreadsheets together via our relational database. This allows for improved performance and flexibility in presenting and maintaining your data. Also, through DataWeb Builder our web based integrated development environment you can add workflow and business logic to any interaction on your new website. Much of this can be done with little to no programming.

For more information about our platform visit our website at: www.DataWeb.com/Views/datasheet.view

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