DataWeb is Powerful Online Service that Business People use to create custom Cloud Data Base Applications quickly.

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DataWeb's Mission is empowering organizations' employees, customers, vendors, and other partners to collaborate intelligently using shared applications over the web.

DataWeb's Founding Vision is to become the premier choice for businesses and organizations that need to access critical business information on-line.

In 1998 the original concept for the DataWeb HostRAD Platform was born. It was the brainchild of a core team of Microsoft developers who were instrumental in the success of SQL Server, Visual Basic, Access and other Microsoft products. Their vision was to bring ease to the rapid deployment of sophisticated, collaborative web applications, a medium that was now beginning to flourish as a business solution platform. After almost two years of thoughtful design, development, and thorough testing, the first version was released in mid 2000. That fall the initial wave of customers began conducting business in a new, collaborative way with their employees, business partners and clients.

The following summer of 2001 saw the release of Version 2.0 bringing refinements and additional benefits to the business community. DataWeb is helping numerous business people succeed as they never before thought possible. These business solutions cover many disciplines including sales, logistics, asset management, and full ecommerce Web sites.


  • May 2007 - Software as a Service Showplace profiled Dataweb in their publication THINKstrategies.
    DataWeb's flexible development platform gives users a robust, end-to-end solution to create SaaS solutions which enable them to leverage the power of the web to achieve their business objectives.   Read Entire Article
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